Can you feel the pull of something bigger than you?

What have you done for yourself lately?

What space have you left for your own spirit, your own energy, your own personal fun? I have found that if I don’t plan some ME time throughout my years, I can become very drained and my inspiration dissipates. It’s so important to learn to take time for yourself.

Don’t you agree?
It’s not easy to make that decision, is it?  Kids, Husbands, Partners, Jobs—all those other obligation and that long to-do list, and, oh yes, what do you mean invest in myself?

I get it, I really do!

The Thing is, when we make that decision to do things that fill us up and offer us a space to just be responsible for ourselves for a few days, our whole world can change. We remember who we are. We remember that we have our own needs, wants and desires and that we owe our own spirit some attention in this lifetime.

Making the decision is the first step! Once that decision is made…

That is when transformation shows up!

Can you feel the change coming? That’s the call of your heart begging to be heard!

Tired of carrying around all the heaviness and crud from the past?

Are you ready?

Ready to let all the resistance go? Let it ride. Make some room for the good stuff.

Join me in this magical ride that will lead you to your next step.

Some days we just need to have someone else show us how we are standing in our own way. It’s hard to see our own shit, am I right??  But once we see it … then watch us fly!

Feeling better. Sleeping better. Less body pain. Clarity. No more monkey-mind. Tools in case we get monkey-mind again. Ideas, insights and spirit led-homework from our own spirit teams … YES please!

A weekend, JUST FOR YOU. The focus in just on YOU. Ask any question. Dig into any block. In sacred work like this the answers are always brought to the surface in a way that we can finally see them. A place to process. A place to cry a little or a lot if needed. Laugh our pants off. Create that space inside of us that we can finally fill with those dreams and desires that eat us every night.

How a new perspective can change EVERYTHING...

Picture this…

You and me a beautiful community of people, and of course, spirit…

(And believe me, we will have many joining us!)

A cute little cabin in the most beautiful retreat space including lovely little streams flowing through the area. Secluded and quiet for your relaxation and enjoyment.

A sacred space surrounded in the supportive environment of earth and all those elementals that help to clear the heaviness away. Bliss.

We join each other’s company and dig in to what it is you want to shift.

What weighs on you?

What gets in your way (even if it’s yourself)?

We talk, we chat, we meditate—whatever we are driven to do with guidance from spirit.

We might explore a past life or mediation that shows you the next step, a little mediumship from loved ones or even direct messages from your own higher spirit.

I will spend the day with you until you say, “Enough, go home. I need some space.” Even if that means staying late into the night. If we are on a roll, we’ll stay on a roll.

We will meet up the next morning for the all-important wrap up where we’ll fill up and review all that took place the day before.

We will develop a plan to proceed either together, if guided, or on your own. We will review all the magic that has taken place, because integration is important.

We will make sure you feel full.

Personally, I would recommend you treat yourself to a second night all on your own, but that’s just me.

Did I mention this is all-inclusive?

The cabin and meals are all included, ‘cause who doesn’t love all-inclusive?

Once your deposit is sent you will receive a questionnaire and start noticing what shows up because once you are committed, the energy starts to shift immediately! It’s pretty damn cool to experience!
$300 non-refundable deposit to book the retreat and reserve your cabin and the dates
(Two people per cabin- each person will have your own bed)

$900 for the remainder balance- to be paid all in full one week prior to retreat date 

Payment options available:
1.)  Pay $300 Now, then $225 per month for four months Dec-March
2.)  $399 per month for three months- Dec-March
3.)  Pay in Full for 10% discount $1080 (Best Value!)
(Full payment due by April 1, 2017.)

“Arianna and I were talking about how much the retreat changed our lives. How everything fell into place to get us there that weekend. I can't express how much I appreciate all of you ladies and the support you gave me. Was not an easy time for me but was just what I needed to move forward. That was a magical weekend and changed my life forever.” ~Kristy Fargo ND

Where is the retreat located: Smokey Hills Resort in Osage, Minnesota

When do we start?  Check in is April 6th between 4-6 pm.  We will close the retreat around noon on Sunday April 9th. We’ll gather for a group dinner on Thursday April 6th at 7pm.
How much work and how much play is included in this time together? What I do know is the best laid plans for a retreat like this get shifted into exactly what you need when spirit is involved, SO I would say come ready and open to show up for yourself and let spirit lead the way! I will for sure allow for everyone to have some free time and alone time if needed, and also time for the great hot tub that is available!

What are my menu choices? The retreat space does have a restaurant and each cabin has a refrigerator and microwave if you have special dietary needs. We can also talk to the owners for special requests to see what they can accommodate for you during your stay.

What does the retreat place have available: We have wireless internet access in the conference center and the restaurant, private baths, TVs w/ DVD players, air conditioning, mini refrigerators, microwave, and coffee pot, a queen bed, and a set of bunk beds. Our two room suites also have a living area with a futon, recliner and set of dishes.
For your enjoyment and family time we have a game room, movie theater, hot tub/sauna , bon fire pits, lawn games, 1/2 basketball court, volleyball court, two regulation horseshoe pits, children's train, walking and ATV trails, coffee shop, gift shop, & laundry facilities.

Is the cabin on its own or with other cabins? They do have almost like a neighborhood of cabins in a big circle with a beautiful wooden sidewalk that follows all the way around the property. Each cabin has its own privacy but still feels safe.

Is it deep in the woods? If feels like it but it’s really right off of HWY 34 and in just deep enough so you don’t hear the traffic sounds, so it feels secluded but easily accessible to run to Park Rapids, MN if you need anything.

What can I really expect: Always a great question but always a hard answer when you walk into a space where you are showing up for yourself all sorts of things can come to the surface. You can expect laughter, aha moments, and yes, some tears as they are almost always part of the release, a safe space to process and a supportive hand holding blunt lady sitting next to you to bring you deeper into the shifts so you have even bigger aha moments and bigger laughs and sometimes bigger tears! These types of experiences are the kind that change your life if you allow them too!

“I just wanted to say thank you to Jodie for changing my life and getting me on the right path. I wake up happy and looking forward to what the day will bring. I can't believe how much I have changed in such a short time. Instead of just getting by in life I'm excited to grow and see what's around the corner. Amazing what forgiving yourself and others can do for your spirit…thanks again, Jodie. ~2016 Attendee